How to Verify Your LPN License

If you are a Licensed Practical Nurse or a potential employer of one, you may have occasional need to verify an LPN license. You have two basic options to verify the legitimacy of license information in your possession: You can contact the issuing state by mail or by telephone for status and limitations, or you can verify online by entering the license number and receiving applicable information on it. However, verifying license information does not promise that the person offering the license is the license holder. Therefore, before you make a decision based on just license information, obtain a copy of a second form of official, photo identification such as a driver's license.

Your Online Verification Option

If you prefer using technology, virtually every state in America operates a website for nursing licenses. You can enter the license number given and receive

  • Licensing history
  • Information on any probationary status
  • Any former disciplinary action taken against the license holder

Things to Check for on a Physical License

Unfortunately, identity theft is extending into occupational areas and not just credit. Because thieves are encroaching upon employment viability, always ensure the physical license presented to employers are without

  • Damage that precludes easy readability
  • Changed data, whether erased, retyped or scraped
  • Missing data
  • Limited status conditions, such as “Probationary” or “Limited to Supervised Only”

Verify the person's identity with a bona fide, state-issued identification like a current driver's license. Ensure the candidate or new employee presents the license each time he or she reports to work while in the verification phase if not already completed.

If Errors Are Found

If you or a prospective employer find errors on your LPN license, take corrective action immediately. If, for example, it was damaged by water, request a replacement license from your issuing agency. You may have to pay a replacement fee, but it should total less than a renewal fee. Ensure both your employer and you obtain a copy as quickly as possible, often via either email or fax, to supplement a physical mailing.

If your name or other personal information on the license is not accurate, contact the issuing agency to learn what documentation they require to make the correction. Ensure they receive that documentation as quickly as possible. Be sure to follow up efficiently on any corrective action needed and the status of your corrected license.

If a prospective employer discovers the errors, keep that entity informed of your corrective actions and present as accurate of time estimation for correction as possible. You may not be allowed to work under the damaged or inaccurate license, which means you loose money and risk your professional reputation. Extreme cases can also risk apprehension by law enforcement as well as fines by the state's licensing authority.

Always double-check the accuracy of any paperwork you submit in a licensing application, and if the physical license you receive contains errors, have them corrected before you present the license for verification of authority to work as an LPN in your state.

If you lose your license, immediately contact your state's issuing authority and your employer. Follow their advice on contacting law enforcement as well. Comply with your state's directives on obtaining a replacement license, which should never be registered under the same license number, and expedite the process as much as you can.

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