Creating a Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

After spending countless hours studying and training to become a licensed practical nurse, it is important to find a suitable job position in order to reap the benefits of all of the training. One the most important factors in finding a position as a licensed practical nurse is the interview process. In order to attain that highly coveted interview, having a professional and impressive resume is essential. Several factors to consider when preparing a resume for a licensed practical nursing position include:

Entry Level Resumes

For the recently graduated licensed practical nurse, the resume process can be quite an intimidating one. The general belief is that job applicants with a long career history and years of experience will rise to the top of the applicant pool. While it is true that an impressive career history does catch the eye of human resource agents looking to fill job positions, it does not mean that entry level licensed practical nurses are out of luck.

All job applicants have to start somewhere, so it is understood that not all applicants for a licensed practical nursing position will have a long career history. When created a resume for a first time licensed practical nurse placement, it is important to highlight education and skillsets. Also, glowing references from past employers or professors could also make the difference.

In addition to highlighting educational accomplishments and references, focus on a willingness to learn new ways of doing things. Some employers seek entry level applicants in the hopes that they will assimilate and adjust to the work environment more easily.

Avoid Embellishing Job Experiences

When attempting to impress a new employer, it can be highly tempting to embellish job experiences. Innocent though it may be, something that looks good on paper may become a thorn in the side of a job applicant who successfully makes it through to the interview process. Try to stick with provable facts that can either be documented or corroborated through a third party when describing work experiences. Nothing can sink an interview like having to explain why something that is irrelevant or nonfactual is listed on a resume.

Key things to consider when describing experience could include:

  • Clinical training
  • On the job skills
  • Internships

Focus on Communication Skills

As a licensed practical nurse, communication is an important part of accomplishing daily tasks. A licensed practical nurse must be able to effectively communicate with doctors, nurses, patients and family members on a regular basis. Highlighting a mastery of communication skills can give an edge to the resumes of both the entry level and experienced licensed practical nurse alike. Many employers want to know that an applicant will be able to work effectively with existing employees at a particular place of employment.

When seeking a position as a licensed practical nurse, it is important to have a resume that looks professionally prepared. Focusing on educational experience, clinical and communication skills can help to give a job applicant an edge over the other applicants.

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