LPN Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of licensed practical nurses is expected to grow at least 22% between the years of 2010 and 2020. This is highly advantageous to those who have chosen the licensed practical nursing profession as a chosen career. One of the primary reasons for this huge increase in job growth is due to a large number of licensed practical nurses entering into their retirement years. With the baby boomer generation aging out of the work force, a vast number of licensed practical nursing positions will become available in the following locations:


Hospitals will experience an increased demand in the number of licensed practical nurses working within their ranks. Licensed practical nurses are needed in order to assist the RNs with their daily work duties. The number of licensed practical nurses will also increase in relation to the number of new hospitals that are also opening on a regular basis as well.

Physicians’ Offices

As more and more doctors graduate from medical school and open their own offices, licensed practical nurses will become more in demand. This is further amplified by the fact that many current licensed practical nurses will be relinquishing their job positions to enter into retirement. Physician’s offices tend to have less turn over than hospitals do, and as licensed practical nurses leave, physicians’ offices will be on the search for qualified replacements.

Residential Care Facilities

The high numbers of citizens who are prospected to go into retirement may also help to increase the number of individuals choosing to live in residential care facilities. Licensed practical nurses play an integral role in the functioning of residential care facilities. Residential care facilities include both nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Residential care facilities will need to hire extra staff to accommodate the increase in the elderly population, and to also replace the current licensed practical nurses that will be leaving the profession.

Outpatient Care Centers

With technological improvements to health procedures and systems, more and more tests that could have only been performed in a hospital setting will be increasingly performed in outpatient centers. This progression will increase the number of available licensed practical nursing positions. Outpatient centers are also increasing in number as the health system tries to accommodate the larger numbers of patients needing care.

Salary Outlook

As of 2010, the median salary for licensed practical nurses was about $40,380. Half of all nurses made more than this amount, and half of all licensed practical nurses made less than this amount. Those earning the lowest pay earned around $29,680. Licensed practical nurses earning the highest salaries earned about $56,010.

Those entering into the licensed practical nursing profession can expect steady job growth over the next decade. The amount of jobs expected to open are commensurate with the number of current licensed practical nurses who are expected to enter into retirement.

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